Healing with holistic medicine

Anthroposophic medicine

Self-healing with naturopathy or allopathy

All anthroposophic remedies are aimed at stimulating your body´s self-healing powers.

According to your needs, herbal and homeopathic remedies are administered and if necessary, also allopathic medicine.

While mainstream / allopathic medicine is mainly aimed at suppressing illnesses or killing off germs, anthroposophic medicine is one step ahead. It targets the self-healing power of the organism, wherever it is possible and beneficial, primarily to balance bodily functions and strenghten resistance.

Homeopathy is a stimulation therapy using potentiated organic substances as remedies. Homeopathy heals, not with material substances, but with the energy that the substance produces through the process of potentiation. The process entails diluting the organic substance in water or alcohol after adding the potency, succussing this dilution. Thus the homeopathic remedy comes into the organism as a magnetic field. Homeopathic remedies reverse a pathological state of the organism to a previous healthier steady state of health. The choice of remedy is specific for the individual.

First and foremost I work with complex homeopathic remedies.

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