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Bioimpedance Measurement and Analysis

Bioimpedance Measurement and Analysis (BIA)

“Did you know that even when you are normal or overweight your bodycells could be undernourished?”

This state often goes along with poor muscle mass, which can cause chronic tiredness (Burn-Out) and dieting to no avail. In my practice, I will determine through a Bioimpedance measurement if this applies in your case.

This method shows the distribution of the different body components (body fat, muscle mass and water retention), and your personal level of nourishment which indicates the membranous tenseness of muscle cell.

If tension is low,the body cell is malnourished. Here we can regulate it by changing your diet in an optimal way.

When results show too little muscle mass, I will recommend a combination of correct nutrition and appropriate exercise.

During the weight loss process the Bioimpendance measurement will show whether the fatty tissue reduces, or there is a loss in muscle mass which is one cause for the yo-yo effect.

You will get a tailored calculation of carbohydrates, fat and protein intake, to balance out your diet, reduce your weight successfully in the long run and rectify your nutrient intake.

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