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Bioscan Skalar-Wave-Analyzer (SWA)

The Bioscan SWA does not analyze blood in the sense of typical laboratory diagnostics, but rather measures the energy field with the help of waves and carries out a biocybernetic resonance comparison.

How exactly does this work?
The way Bioscan functions is very similar to cell communication in the human body. Thus it is possible to obtain information about deficiencies, excesses, stresses, and irregularities of our system within a few minutes.

Our body consists of billions of cells. Every cell consists of atoms with a nucleus and electrons that move around that nucleus. Due to their charge, electrons continuously generate electromagnetic waves with their movement. These electromagnetic wave signals represent the state of the human body and can be measured with sensors. Quantum medicine believes that the angular momentum of electrons change during periods of illness. Thus, from a quantum medical point of view, the concrete form of the oscillations is dependent on states of health and disease. With the help of quantum physics, standardized resonance indicator spectrums can be created to identify specific states of disease, nutrition, and health. Bioscan compares the human body's current frequency and energy with these resonance spectrums to identify deviations.

The Bioscan-SWA principle is comparable to listening to radio over the airwaves. Many different radio frequencies are available. However, to listen to a specific station or program, you must set the appropriate frequency. By setting the frequency, you create a resonance between the radio transmitter and the radio receiver. This resonance principle is also used in quantum physics for measurements. Resonance and deviations from it can be determined by suitable sensors and mapped with the help of software. The result of the Bioscan is roughly comparable with laboratory diagnostics.  Instead of taking blood and sending it in for analysis, however, the Bioscan carries out a spectral analysis and presents the measurement results to you immediately after the evaluation. The Bioscan SWA Skalar-Wave-Analyzer is a valuable diagnostic aid in practice. The pain-free and non-invasive Bioscan-SWA provides approximately 230 parameters grouped into 31 different functional areas with a single measurement. The Bioscan does not analyze the blood in the sense of laboratory diagnosis but carries out a quantum-physical resonance comparison.

Important for the patients:
Before the measurement, metals, clocks, and electronic devices should be removed from the person to be measured. Persons with pacemakers cannot be measured.

Immediately after the measurement, you will receive an analysis readout with the most important measurement results. With the analysis, you will also receive individual therapy suggestions.

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