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Cell symbiosis therapy and heavy metal detox (chelation therapy)

Heavy metal detox (chelation therapy)

Chelation therapy is a scientifically proven therapy for detoxification of heavy metal.

Mode of action

The main ingredient of classical Chelation therapy is a synergistic amino acid called EDTA. This is capable of attaching to the heavy metal and cleansing the kidney through urinating.

Field of application

Heavy metal cleansing for illnesses or disorders caused or favoured by heavy metal.

Chelation therapy is a complementary treatment for blocked arteries and secondary diseases such as circulatory disorder, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and all diseases caused by free radicals.

Chelation therapy is an outpatient treatment. Through intravenous drip EDTA and other minerals and vitamins are administered. EDTA cleanses out heavy metal like quicksilver and lead and minerals like calcium, through the kidney. EDTA is also capable of blocking production of free radicals by binding the necessary metallic catalysts and egest them. Thus arteriosclerosis is prevented, the cell function restored and calcium overload reduced . EDTA does not affect calcium ligated protein and cannot distroy calcium in bones.

Chelation therapy is spread all over the world and has a growing importance in Germany too.


According to age and risk, whether 10 or 20 intravenous drips will be administered one or two times per week. Each treatment last for three or four hours. Chelation therapy has best results when combined with a organic wholemeal diet. A medical check up, blood analysis and urine test guarantee the best possible control. Chelation therapy is exclusively performed by specialists and allows also a combination with many other therapy forms. It can be taken with clot inhibiting medications and it can be the basis of anti aging medicine.

Cell symbiosis therapy

The holistic concept of diagnosis and therapy for chronic illnesses is also good for preventing and maintaining health.

This therapy is based on the perception of illnesses being rooted in a lasting but also reversible disfunction of cellular respiration and imbalance of the immune system. The therapy resulting from this observation is logical and efficient.

Ideally we will have a blood examination first followed by an individual therapy.

We can treat: allergies,burn out syndrome,gastrointestinal diseases e.g. irritable colon, susceptibility to infections, metabolic syndrome, autoimmune disorder, multiple sclerosis, diabetes mel., low immunity and cancer.

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