Healing with holistic medicine

Natural treatment of chronic lyme disease

Natural treatment of chronic lyme disease

In the last years the the cases of the lyme disease have accumulated and thats why we have specialized in this area. In the therapy we keep our holistic approach and develop an individual treatment for you.

Here we can provide a combination of different treatment methods for your individual needs.

  • Vegetable herbal therapy (TCM, Ayurvedic)
  • newest immune strengthening Substances (gc Maf)
  • Mineral and vitamin cures in form of infusions
  • Antibiotics especially with acute lyme diease
  • relaxation techniques and meditation
  • movement therapy such as yoga
  • Bee poison and neural therapy
  • Psychological Support
  • detox of the toxins causing the lyme disease


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Dr. med. Vesna Lemm
General practitioner (GP) and internist, natural medicine and acupuncture and midwife.

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by telephone 030 45306785
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