Being healthy through Traditional Chinese Medicine

Other healing methods of TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine can help when mainsteam medicine reaches its limits.

Each treatment of a patient with TCM includes a detailed medical history and examination in accordance with the basic rules of TCM, where I especially focus on tongue diagnosis.

In TCM, health is synonymous with the free and balanced flow of Qi life force of humans and nature. If your Qi gets out of balance, you feel unwell and subsequently ill. Disorders that are less understood or recognised by mainstream medicine, can be properly defined by TCM and the right therapy can be initiated.

My holistic, diagnostic approach takes both TCM and mainstream medicine into consideration, so that TCM can be exclusively used or combined with classical, mainstream medical treatment. In my work TCM and mainstream medicine compliment each other.

By combining both medical systems, we can achieve the best healing results.

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Dr. med. Vesna Lemm
General practitioner (GP) and internist, natural medicine and acupuncture and midwife.

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