Healthy pregnancy

Preventive pregnancy check-up and vaginal status

Preventive pregnancy check-up

According to maternity regulations, you can choose to have your pregnancy check-ups done either by your gynecologist or your midwife. Most patients prefer a rotational assistance by midwife and gynecologist.

The check-up in my midwife practice includes:

  • heart sound analysis of the child
  • blood pressure measurement
  • urine and blood check-up
  • vaginal status

Treatment of discomforts

If you have discomforts throughout pregnancy, I will try to find the causes in an extensive conversation. I look at your life situation, your discomforts holistically.

Following discomforts can occur and be treated with acupuncture, counseling, nutritional counseling or other naturopathic treatments:

  • nausea, vomiting
  • premature contractions
  • problems of the genital area
  • water retaining
  • back pain
  • digestive problems
  • hemorrhoids
  • psychological and physical fatigue and other

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Dr. med. Vesna Lemm
General practitioner (GP) and internist, natural medicine and acupuncture and midwife.

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