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Pilates as postnatal exercise course

Postnatal Pilates exercise course - regression according to Pilates

This course is especially coordinated and optimized on the needs of mothers. Gentle and powerful muscle buildup and a conscious Pilates-breathing are the optimal requirements for the uterine regression after birth.

Main focus of the course is special exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor musculature. Additionally we will train courses of movements that vitalize the back and shoulders, which are especially given attention to for breastfeeding women.

This postnatal exercise differs from conventional Pilates courses since I integrated my experiences as a midwife and mother. The exercise program is a combination of my own exercises and classical Pilates exercises.

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Did you know:

Pilates trainers in Practice Dr. Lemm:

Dr. med. Vesna Lemm
Stefanie Hacker

Start of course:

Wednesday 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
(without child, continuous course)

Health insurance coverage:

This is a mixed course with pregnant and non-pregnant women and seen as a prevention course by public insurance. You can enter the course starting from the 12th week after childs birth.

Course takes place with at least 4 participants.

On site
by telephone 030 45306785
or by online appointment