Healing through Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM therapy methods


Moxibustion refers to the burning of mugwort or a Moxa-cigar above the acupuncture points, with or without use of classical needles. This kind of treatment is particularly recommended when in states of debility or energy- deficiency, to strengthen the body.
Moxa- treatments are also used in pregnancy to trigger the rotation of the child from the breech-position into skull-position.

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Heat energy lamp

As an alternative to a Moxa-cigar, an energy-giving heat lamp can be applied, since its heat has the same wavelength as the body. Thus it intensifies the effect of the acupuncture treatment. I often perform Moxibustion, so occasionally there is the typical smell of a Moxa-cigar in my practice.

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Chinese dietary therapy / Dietetics

Food is a major supplier of Qi.
Did you know that many foods, that are generally considered to be healthy, combined with certain disorders can even make you sick?
Chinese nutritional therapy works due to preferring or avoiding of certain aliments and can influences the course of a disease. One of the most important prerequisites for a successful therapy and general wellbeing is a type-matching diet. For the patient it is therefore important - focusing on the prior diagnosis - to select a type-matching nutrition.
You will receive a detailed recommendation list of aliments suitable and not suitable for you. From my experience, based on long-term considerations, this is the most important therapy of TCM, as you can practice it for a lifetime.

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Phytology (herbal therapy)

Phytotherapy provides the administration of medicinal herbs as tea, granules or tablets. Medicinal herbs are mostly used for chronic diseases. In China, this kind of therapy represents two thirds of TCM treatments.

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Qi Gong

A combination of moving and breathing exercises that promotes increasing body health and power. A moved meditation that trains conscious breathing, inner peace and a targeted flow of the Qi-energy. A scientific study has proven that patients with allergic asthma routinely practicing Qi Gong needed less medication or even were able to discontinue medications.

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The Tuina-massage is another basis within the TCM. It combines massage techniques, manual therapy and acupressure according to the principles of TCM. Patients sense this massage technique as very pleasant and beneficial. Tuina-massage is a very effective therapy.

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To treat blocked Qi and to regulate states of opulence, during cupping therapy the cupping heads will be placed on certain points on the back. This therapy is particularly recommended during back pain caused by myogelosis (muscle hardening). It can also be applied as a vitalizing cupping head massage.

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