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Vaginal status

Vaginal status

Medical studies revealed that an infection of the vaginal area can cause premature contractions, premature preterm rupture of the fetal membrane and can cause premature birth.

You can prevent this from happening, if you have a vaginal status done in our practice. It is completely covered by all health insurances.

This detailed form of vaginal status is rarely done by gynecologists and is not free. If you often have problems with your genital area or cystitis, I recommend having the examination done as soon as possible.

With a vaginal status, the physiological flora (lactobacilli and pH-value) of the vagina is tested and the presence of infection-causing germs can be determined or excluded. B Streptococci, which can harm the baby during birth, are one kind of germs that could be found.

If the physiological flora is lowered, it can be build-up by lactobacilli-suppositories.

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