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Female health is one of our expertise at our clinic and one of our biggest passions. Taking care of other women has always been very natural to me, and I was only 16 when I started the midwifery school. Particularly, when I became a doctor and helped not only pregnant women, but also other women with different medical conditions, I realized that this was my calling. Now, after 35 years of working with pregnant women and 15 years of working with women with different types of medical conditions, I can confidently say that I have a broad understanding of women’s health. I am helping women to cure themselves and get balanced in a holistic way; mentally, physiologically, spiritually as well as socially. 



services at our female Health clinic

fertility problems, ivf support

Enhancing fertility is a big part of my work. Typically, I use TCM with acupuncture that is proven to help women to get pregnant. It is very necessary to look after the current nutrition and possible toxins in the body. Very often some simple things lack and giving basic supplements  can really harmonize the hormones which are necessary in order for women to get pregnant as well as to sustain healthy pregnancy.

 I have had the most success with immunologists. Dr. Pfeiffer is an excellent immunologist and I am very grateful to be able to work closely with him. He has taught me many things such as the fact that one of the most common causes of fertility problems is the overactive immune system. Good news is that we can control the immune system and according to it, we can give women supplements such as Omega 3 IV which will enhance their fertility. 

sexual Guidance

Female sexuality is still a large taboo in our society today. About 45% of women suffer from some form of sexual issues. Many of them struggle with their sexuality silently (arousal problems, sexual desire, ability to orgasm e.c.t). My mission is to help as many woman as I can to connect themselves to their sexuality and body. I have helped hundreds of woman get in touch with their sexuality and overcome sexual blockages. 

Hormonal disorders in women

Female hormonal disorders are one of the most common issues in female health. Our approximately 28 days long menstrual cycle depends on many factors; personal and environmental, like the climate and the Moon. The internal and external factors change the cycle which can lead to unbalance in hormone levels. Environmental toxins can affect the hormones by interrupting the enzymes and neurotransmitters in your body. This is very common due to the increase of environmental pollutants and toxins in our food.

There are many doctors specializing in hormonal therapy. However, my mission is to stabilize the hormonal levels without giving my patients supplementary hormones. It is possible to stabilize hormones only if you find the core problems of the unbalanced hormone levels. 

Why do we women suffer from the hormonal unbalance? Perhaps, because we have lost the connection with our female side, nature, healthy lifestyle etc.. In the consultation session, we search for possible nutritional, social and psychological causes which can be influencing your hormonal levels. Hormonal status is important to examine and in case of deficiency, we will make you a personal plan. 

weight loss for women

Female weight loss is a little bit different from the men’s weight loss, and because of the hormonal cycle, the diet should be different.  Before ovulation our diet should be different than after menstruation or before it. This all should be taken into account when we are creating a weight loss programme. Acupuncture helps women in dealing with weight loss problems because of the very sensitive and emotional nature of the women. Acupuncture is very powerful in helping women to become more emotionally stable  and to sustain a normal addiction-free diet.

premenopausal disorders and hrt

Since I managed to go through premenopausal disorder without any supplementary hormones, I have been able to give other women advice on how to have less symptoms and support them to get through this phase. However, if it is very necessary and the symptoms are very severe, I do encourage women to take stronger medication. After the premenopausal phase and medication, I will help women to nourish and harmonize their bodies with vitamin therapies and lifestyle changes. This  allows them to get off hormone replacement therapy HRT.

I support everyone to use natural remedies along with traditional medicine, and I always encourage my patients  to get off the medication in the long run.  I personally do not give out hormones to my patients, but I am helping women to decrease the side effects and symptoms when they have been given hormones.

premenstrual and perimenstrual syndrome

Premenstrual problems are often shown as bodily as well as mental tension. Menstrual syndrome includes feelings of weakness and pain that prevents you from functioning the way you normally would. At Praxis Lemm, we will investigate what type of nutritions our patients may be lacking that are affecting their hormones, after which we will find the right supplements to balance them out. Additionally, we provide you with psychological advice about lifestyle choices that may contribute to either increasing or decreasing premenstrual symptoms. 


Contraceptive methods

Personally, I prefer natural contraceptive methods over hormonal pills. Safely practiced, natural contraceptives tend to have almost the same risk of getting pregnant as hormonal pills. I am supporting women to get off the pills and encourage them to be gentle with their own body.

lifestyle and order therapy

The aim of the order therapy is to restore the disturbed functional balance and to lead to a life that’s in accordance with the natural order. The body and the mind should find the balance in the daily life. After an extensive anamnesis, you will receive specific advice from us on how to change your lifestyle regarding nutrition, movement and your psychosocial state.

In the process, we will consider your individual life circumstances as well as your outer circumstances. An important aspect is to learn how to protect yourself from outer and negative influences or how to cope with them.