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Birth Preparation Course

04 Jun,  08/15 October


Be prepared, remove the fear and have your best birth possible with our birth preparation course at Praxis Lemm in Berlin. The course is both available in English and in German. When we talk about health we’re not just talking physical – the emotional & mental well being of you and your partner matters too.

Our program can help you both work as a team and empower your pregnancy journey with fundamental knowledge Dr Lemm has gained over 30 years a midwife. The course will help you and your partner feel more prepared, confident and empowered about your birth

In the courses Dr Lemm covers the topics of:

  • How can the woman strengthen herself in a normal pregnancy.
  • How to become good loving parents and stay a loving couple.
  • Methods for the preparation of the birth.
  • How can the partner help and support.
  • Birth preparation methods.
  • Nutrition in Pregnancy.
  • When to visit a clinic.
  • Birth-phases.

Dr Vesna Lemm shares her experience as a midwife as well as a mother of two. She has helped thousands of woman through their pregnancy’s and the course is regarded one the most knowledgeable courses in Germany. 

We suggest combining our Birth preparation course with other pregnancy services we offer at our Clinic such a pregnancy yoga and pilates course.