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Treatment by pregnancy discomforts



Praxis Lemm is a Midwife clinic in Berlin specialising in pregnancy discomforts and other pregnancy services. Dr Lemm has made a specialised programme to empower women’s pregnancy journeys focusing on making the delivery as short and as comfortable as possible. The main aim is to make the pregnancy journey as pleasant as possible, eliminating most pregnancy complaints and discomforts. This allows women to go into birth empowered and confident there for having a higher chance to have a natural and pleasant delivery. Praxis Lemm has a holistic approach and tends to search for a root cause of the discomforts. The main diagnostic tools at Praxis Lemm are extended blood and vaginal flora testing. If it is necessary, we include additional tests. Praxis Lemm offers a combination of holistic treatments including pregnancy acupuncture, massage, nutritional consultations and other holistic treatments.  This programme is covered by all German health insurances. 

Dr Vesna Lemm has discovered a relaxation method: mindful breathwork and concentration during pregnancy. The relaxation method combined with suitable exercises has a significant positive influence during pregnancy and in giving birth. In addition to relaxation and breathing methods, we add acupuncture, nutritional consultations and other holistic methods to make your pregnancy journey as pleasant as possible. We have treated successfully thousand of pregnant women with discomforts listed below. 



Pregnancy discomforts we can treat



The most important thing when tiredness occurs is to check the blood results and see the level of vitamins and nutritions in the blood. Some vitamins and nutritions are often not sufficient causing tiredness. Together with your medical history, lifestyle and blood results we give you advice tailored to you. There are many causes of tiredness such as: dealing with daily chores, insomnia, anemia and anxiety. Acupuncture and nutritional counselling can relieve tiredness and helps women restore energy.


Is common in woman if the microbiome is not balanced. The first thing is to check the gut flora and nutritions. Treatment of both aspects is usually sufficient.

back pain

Occurs mainly in the winter due to vitamin D deficiency, which is very common in pregnant women. In Praxis Lemm, we test the level of vitamin D in the blood in order to know how much we should give. Another cause can be  if you gain a lot of weight or have a have a desk job. Acupuncture can also help and is advisable for pregnant woman as unlike medications acupuncture does not affect mother’s and baby’s health.

water retention (edema)

Is one of the main discomforts in pregnancy. It appears during the summer months, but occurs in the winter months. The main reason for water retention are the hormones which make our vessels smoother making the fluid enter the tissue more easily. The high insulin or the high intake of carbohydrate support edema. So a lot of women who suffer from water retention have some insulin resistance or gestational diabetes. Water retention can develop in legs and hands which is called carpal tunnel and it can be very painful. We treat this wit nutritional therapy and acupuncture.

morning sickness

A common side effect in pregnancy is morning sickness and nausea. Many studies show that pregnancy sickness is a sign of a safe pregnancy. However you can still treat and relieve morning sickness by acupuncture, nutritional therapy and laser therapy. Acupuncture can calm down the stomach and redirect the stomach acid and energy. Next to acupuncture, testing the gut mircobiome is very important as usually it is off balance and one of the root causes of the sickness and nausea. 

diabetes during pregnancy

Gestational diabetes is common because of generations of women that consume sugar in childhood and adulthood. As a result of this we develop insulin resistance and have a problem to metabolise the high amount of sugar. You can help treat this by reducing carbohydrates and including more fibers in the diet and being more physically active. Relaxing breathing exercises and acupuncture also helps by relieving stress and restoring a good circulation of blood. Combining this with our nutritional consultation can help restore the blood disorder and metabolic issues. We have treated hundreds of woman with diabetes during pregnancy. 

pregnancy gestosis

Is can be a frightening disorder and it is important to search for it in blood tests, liver and kidney enzymes. It is treated with acupuncture and nutritional therapy. Reduction of carbohydrates and larger intake of proteins decrease the symptoms too. 

Digestive problem

Digestive problems are very common in pregnancy and can be helped by treating the microbiome by changing your lifestyle, diet and including probiotics. 

pregnancy depression

In Praxis Lemm, we are specialised in detecting physical disorders in the body like the deficiency of iron, B12 and D3 which can cause depression. Depression can develop also  because of the physical inflammation in the body. Inflammation can be treated with nutritional therapies, massages and relaxation. 

discomfort in the genital area (vaginal status)

Pain and discomfort in the genital area are very common, Dr Lemm is specialise in treating these issues. We first do a vaginal status checking the immune system of vagina and microbiome. From the results Dr Lemm decides what treatment is suitable for you, vaginal probiotics and aromatherapy is usually a sufficient therapy but antibiotics can also be necessary in some cases. It is very important for pregnant woman to have a heathy vagina flora as our vaginal flora is the future of the immune system of the baby. This means if we have more good bacteria the stronger the immune system of the baby will be. 


prevention of overweight

Prevention as well as the treatment of being overweight is very important because it is very common to develop diabetes and other metabolic disorders during pregnancy. Obesity can affect the later development of diabetes in the woman and the baby. Prevention and treatment of obesity are easier followed and achieved with Dr Lemm’s nutrition system which adapts to one’s needs. One of the methods used is acupuncture. Acupuncture is a gentle way of promoting bowel movement and helping a addiction to sugar.

breech position of baby

Link to Gentle baby turning

premature contractions

Premature contractions  can be easily treated if you find the cause. Very often vagina infections can be the cause which can not be felt by many pregnant women. The treatment of infections is usually sufficient to stop the premature contractions. 

The second reason for premature contractions is the lack of nutrition which can be detected in the blood. In this case we propose using supplements. Vitamin D and magnesium are proven to rapidly affect the possible development of premature contractions.   

It is crucial to act preventionally which includes the check ups of vagina and nutrition.  

Dr. Lemm’s PhD thesis is based on premature labour in the case of infections in vagina.