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Praxis Lemm is a general & family Clinic in Berlin that focuses on combining conventional medicine with holistic & natural treatments. We are a leading functional medicine clinic that restores health and quality of life for people in Berlin and around the world. We use the latest advancements in diagnostic testing to uncover underlying dysfunctions. Dr Lemm with more than 30 years of experience as a full time general medical practitioner and a family doctor, has gained a broad understanding of a wide variety of medical issues and conditions regarding the health of the whole family.

Our philosophy as a general & family medicine clinic:

  • Seeing you as a unique, complex human being and always taking your body and mind as well as social life into consideration when treating you.
  • Our approach to helping and treating you is always based on personal, private and open communication between you and our practitioners in order to achieve the most beneficial outcomes for your health and well-being.

The best outcomes are achieved through a unique combination of treatments from both Western and Eastern medicine; conventional medicine, natural medicine and nutritional medicine.


The procedure

at our general & family Medicine clinic




Knowing your medical history is very important for us in order to be able to treat you in the most beneficial way.  We respect the fact that you know yourself and your body better than anyone else and therefore, want to make time to get to know you in the consultation session. Once we have a better understanding of your body and its typical ways of working, we will be able to treat you in a unique and the most optimal way.


Read more in depth about our holistic diagnostics here.

  • Bioimpedance Measurements Analysis (BIA).
  • Heart rate variability and Veda Pulse.
  • Urine tests,  including heavy metals. 
  • Tcm pulse and tongue diagnostic.  
  • Mitochondria functional test. 
  • Genetic and epigenetic  test.
  • Ayurvedic pulse diagnostic.
  • Gut flora and  microbiome.
  • Vaginal flora microbiome.
  • Lyme diseases diagnostic.
  • Blood test results. 
  • Bioscan.


Personally, I prefer to focus on preventing illnesses in advance, and prevention is indeed one of my main areas of interest when working as a medical practitioner. Instead of having to utilize heavier and more complex treatment forms,  prevention allows us to focus on more gentle ways of maintaining and enhancing one’s health, including lifestyle choices, nutrition, movement and natural supplements.

follow up

At follow up, we will examine your health again and see how your test results have improved since the start of the treatment. After examining your health again, we will be able to decide whether treatment should be finished, continued or changed in order to achieve your most optimal health.


acute health problems



respiratory tract infection

(Sinusitis, Bronhitis, Pneumonia, Flu)

Often times, antibiotics aren’t the only possible way of healing respiratory tract infections. They are recommended and very effective for treating pneumonia, however, other respiratory tract infections can be efficiently treated with more natural alternatives such as high doses of vitamin infusions (i.e. a high dose of vitamin C) and different types of herbal medicine. Depending on your personal preference, together we can find you a treatment that best aligns with your values so that you can achieve your optimal health and wellbeing in the most suitable way for you.

gut  problemS

( Diarrhoea, Colitis and Gastritis).

Acute gut problems can be well treated with herbs and natural probiotics, and it is usually not necessary to use heavy medication in order to heal from acute gut problems. Only more severe conditions may need stronger medication.

urinary tract infection

Usually, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), can be well treated with natural remedies, such as oregano capsules, cranberry extract or other herbal therapies and supplements. However, if the pain is very severe and the patient is not able to wait for a couple days to feel better, antibiotics can be given to relieve pain and get rid of the bacteria rapidly. The right type of antibiotics will be chosen according to the bacteria that has been detected in your body.


chronic health problems



chronic Fatigue / burn-out

Chronic fatigue and burnout are very common issues in the modern society. However, these two conditions should be observed and investigated individually, as they have different causes. At our clinic, we always investigate our patients very thoroughly before giving the diagnosis and offering the right treatment.

chronic pain

Chronic pain can be very severe and it can impact all areas of your life including mental well-being, physiological well-being as well as social well-being. Chronic pain is very often occurring in the back, head and the joints, and is usually due to the chronic inflammation. Living with chronic pain can be very challenging and therefore, it is important to try to find possible treatments and remedies for managing the pain as well as possible.

Food intolerances and allergies

Food intolerance can have a huge impact on your gut health. Therefore, if you have it, we recommend: 

  • Firstly,  doing a microbiome examination.
  •  Secondly, doing the heavy metals and pesticides panel.
  • Thirdly, examining parasites and any other possible harmful bacteria in the gut.

Dr. Lemm has cured most of her own food allergies as well as those of her patients’ with this procedure.

digestion problems / gut health

The gut problems are increasing rapidly due to the Western style diet and an extensive amount of used antibiotics. Traditional and scientific medicine agree that stomach and gut are very important if not the most important for our general health. Our gut is the second brain and  it is responsible for the hormones and the immune system. A leaky gut syndrome is very common in which case the toxins are coming out of the gut  into the bloodstream causing health problems. So gut health testing is one of the main diagnostic procedures and everyone gets the recommendation to examine it.


According to our experience, depression along with many other mental illnesses can often be caused by bodily illnesses and dysfunctions rather than purely just psychological causes. In the Western medicine, however, a diagnosis of depression can be given to people very easily if no bodily causes can be found after a brief examination. For example, undetected iron deficiency or lyme disease can be misdiagnosed as depression as they usually cause symptoms of depression. At our clinic, we want to do a thorough examination of our patients’ bodily as well as mental functions and find the root of the symptoms before giving a diagnose of an illness.


At our clinic, we treat cancer with complementary medicine and help patients who are going through chemo therapy by providing them with alternative treatments such as high doses of vitamin C as well as nutritional guidance about ketogenic diet and low carb diet which can help in the healing process.

chronic inflammatory disease

Chronic inflammation is a reaction of the immune system. Cause could be everything, but mostly common and known to us are: 

  • Environmental problems / toxins.
  • Long term infections: bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  • Lifestyle which is not appropriate to the individual ( stress, diet, physical activities, social environment).

metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is one of the fastest growing disorders in our Western world due to the common nutrition filled with carbohydrates and fats, as well as the lack of physical activity and an increased amount of stress in peoples’ everyday life. The most fundamental and effective way of healing from this disease starts with changing one’s lifestyle choices (i.e. healthier nutrition, daily exercising routine and better stress management). Statins and other antidiabetic medications (e.g. Metformin) can be used, however, lifestyle choices are preferred in treating this disease due to more natural and better long term outcomes.